Ulrich Thomsen

Schauspieler und Regisseur
Auswahl Werke

Ulrich Thomsen als Schauspieler

2021 TROM
2020 The New Pope
2019 Gut gegen Nordwind
2019 Wendezeit
2016 Die Kommune
2014 Zweite Chance
2013-2016 Banshee


2010 Das letzte Schweigen
2009 The International
2005 Adams Äpfel
1998 Das Fest

Ulrich Thomsen als Regisseur

2018/2019 Gutterbee
2016/2017 IN EMBRYO
Ulrich Thomsen (born December 6, 1963) graduated from the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance in 1993. Having appeared in numerous productions on stage in his native Copenhagen, he made his feature debut starring in Ole Bornedal’s Nightwatch.

Thomsen has worked with many acclaimed European directors and is one of Europe’s most sought after actors, starring in over 40 international productions.

He was first introduced to worldwide audiences for his leading role as a member of Denmark’s most dysfunctional family in Thomas Vinterberg’s 1998 arthouse hit Festen (The Celebration) for which he received his first Best European Actor nomination at the European Film Academy Awards.

The film won the Cannes Jury Prize among many others and cemented the impact of the Dogma era in filmmaking history.