Shamila Lengsfeld

Author, screenwriter

Selection Filmography


Zu Wyld, Langspielfilm (Drehbuch) 

2020: Karen & Sally, Webserien Pilot (Regie)
2019: Echo, Mittellanger Spielfilm (Regie, Drehbuch)


Hotel, Kurzfilm (Regie, Drehbuch, Editor)


The Night of the Hungry Turtles, Webserien Pilot (Regie, Drehbuch)

2018: Alveus, Kurzfilm (Regie, Drehbuch)

Blake, Kurzfilm (Regie, Drehbuch) 

Shamila Lengsfeld grew up in Constance on Lake Constance and joined a youth film club at the cinema at the age of 14, where she was responsible for the children’s and youth programme. After graduating from high school in 2009, she trained as a film theatre management assistant in Wuppertal and worked as a projectionist in various art house cinemas. She then began studying film at the SAE Institute in Cologne, which she successfully completed in 2016.

The sci-fi short film about the superheroine Blake was awarded the German Newcomer Film Prize at the international up-and-coming film festival in Hanover in 2017. The medium-length post-apocalyptic feature film ECHO also won several film awards including Best Director, Munich Film Awards- Best International Short, Hollywood North Film Awards 2020 – Best Director, Oniros Film Festival 2019 – Best Score, LA Film Awards 2019 – Best Drama, Film New York Cinematography Awards 2019.